Keep Your Nutrition on Track:
Loosing Weight & Staying Fit


#1 Tip to my clients who are struggling with losing weight: If you are working out 5-7 days per week and still not losing or have plateaued… I strongly recommend to add in more rest days and take it down to 3 days per week and let your body recover and rest. Recovery days are when the body can let go of the weight because you are not putting your body under so much stress. In today’s world, we are already under so much stress that sometimes exercise can add to that in a negative way and can act as a barrier in the weight department.


Aim for at minimum 150 minutes of cardiovascular work (Run, Jog, Walk, Elliptical, Stairs, Rowing, etc.) per week plus 2 strength/resistance training sessions (Weight Lifting, Yoga, TRX Suspension Bands, Circuit Training, Pilates, etc.)

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