Skin Challenges – Psoriasis, Acne, Bacteria, Scars

Holistic Nutrition Center has helped many clients who suffer from various skin challenges such as psoriasis, eczema, acne or any other skin challenge. If you are tired of solutions that have not worked for you and want to see if Holistic Nutrition Center can finally bring you relief, it’s easy to find out! Schedule your free consultation today!

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Skin Bacteria Cleared in 11 Days!

In this video, Natalie talks about how Holistic Nutrition Center helped her clear her bacterial skin issue after suffering through multiple doctors and prescriptions failed her.

In the picture, the image on the left is before day 7, the image on the right is after day 18. 11 days on program with HNC her skin cleared! Natural health care is the only way to fully restore balance in the body!

Call or Text: (949) 872-2550

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Life Changing Psoriasis Results!

Our client Lanaye has experienced transformative results with our nutrition program that was tailored to fit her body’s needs! She has suffered from horrible psoriasis. She followed all of our recommendations and has achieved beautiful glowing skin in less than 6 months!

Psoriasis Results After 3 Weeks!

“I just wanted to share a progress picture. 3 weeks apart. Seeing a huge improvement for my Psoriasis and digestive system. Thank you so much for your help!” ~ Natalie



“Psoriasis is NOT glamorous at. all. I know that last November till January 2022, I stopped shaving my legs. I had psoriasis sooo bad on my legs that there really wasn’t any point. I was depressed and because I couldn’t shave my legs, I felt ugly. Psoriasis made me feel ugly.

I started my healing ❤️‍🩹 process with you February 3, 2022. I truly know that you’re a GODSEND!! TRULY! 🙌🏻💖💖💎💎✝️



“I have been seeing Kristi for nutrition help and some autoimmune problems such as Hashimoto’s and psoriasis. She is an amazing healer, with such a big heart. She truly cares about each client and even texted me back on a Friday night when I was having an allergic skin rash. You don’t often find that level of customer service these days, so it is much appreciated!” – Julie W. / Irvine, CA

Scar Relief!

One of our clients is ecstatic over the progress she has made in healing her scar. The photo shown is just after 3 weeks of working with us to get it healed. She had her thyroid removed and was told by her surgeon that she wouldn’t be able to feel anything in the area of her scar ever again. Not only has her scar been healing quickly, but she has feeling starting to come back in the scar area.

This client of ours is a rockstar because she has terrific follow through on her program with us at HNC. People often overlook their scars as being a hurdle for their overall health and recovery, but it can be a crucial part to their healing. Scars can interfere with weight loss, skin conditions, sleep, allergies, digestive issues and many more health battles! Healing them is essential to getting your body to function at optimal level and we see how much scar healing has helped many of our clients!