About Holistic Nutrition Center

Do you suffer from too much leisure time, a stress free job, a self-run home, and premium health without any concerns? Probably not.

Today we live in a fast paced world that creates toxins and pollutants leading to lack of sleep, high blood sugar, hormonal imbalances, digestive struggles, and so much more. The Holistic Nutrition Center was created to help our clients live a life of health wholeness. Our dedicated team is passionate about finding answers and solutions to your concerns.

We understand the impact that your food, stress, and daily habits have on your body and mind. Our integrative approach to holistic healthcare includes advanced nutritional tools including Nutrition Response Testing, whole food supplementation, personalized health coaching, and in-depth lab analysis. These advanced tools help us search deeper to find the root cause of your health challenges and heal you from the inside out!

We believe with all our hearts that our unique approach is integral to your healing, health, and wellbeing. Since wellness doesn’t stop with just your food choices, we want to support you by helping you improve your whole-self!

Through careful listening, care, and education, we value each individual who walks into our center.

Good health begins and ends with good nutrition.

FAQ & What to Expect

Your First Visit

On your first visit to our office, you can expect to be greeted warmly by our office staff. You’ll be asked to fill out our intake forms so we can get to know you and your main concerns. Once we bring you back into one of our nutrition rooms, a holistic nutritionist will spend time learning your medical and health history and what concerns have brought you here.

Next, we will move through our non-invasive testing systems which include gathering vitals, Nutrition Response Testing, Heart Rate Variability Testing, and a Nutritional Exam. These will help us determine if you are deficient in any vitamins or minerals, whether you have toxins in your body that may incur parasites, bacteria, virus, or fungus, and generally how all your body systems are functioning.

Once we have completed your consultation and see that you are a good candidate for one of our programs, we will create a personalized nutrition and supplementation plan specifically for your body’s needs. We will ask you to return a few days later to share our findings, recommend a plan of action, and answer any questions you may have.

Who is Holistic Nutrition For?

The primary goal of Holistic Nutrition is optimum health. Anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, weight or fitness level, or health issues, can benefit from a healthier lifestyle! We have been honored to help the following types of people on their journey to good health:

  • Overweight individuals
  • Chronically ill individuals
  • Fit and healthy individuals
  • People with unexplained illness or digestive problems
  • Menopausal and Pre-Menopausal women
  • Children on the Autism spectrum
  • Just your average Man, Woman or Child!

If you’re interested in losing weight, having more energy, improved skin, or feeling better than ever, Holistic Nutrition is for you!

Can You Help with Infertility?

Children - Do You Work with Children?

Yes! Here is a video of Kristi seeking the root cause of a runny nose in her daughter by looking for nutritional and chemical imbalances in her body:

Why Do I Need Supplements?

Many of the foods we consume today are processed and less nutrient-dense than in years past. Also, most of us need additional nutrients to help counteract our daily exposure to toxins and pollutants.

All of our nutritionists personally use and endorse the Standard Process line of whole food supplements. Since all Standard Process products are made of natural food concentrates rather than synthetic material, your body absorbs and assimilates the nutrients optimally.

In our experience, many people’s bodies require more supplementation at the beginning of a nutritional treatment plan. Depending upon the extent of your health problems, your supplementation will be frequently revisited and may be adjusted as you progress through your nutritional plan.

Who is not a good candidate for your Holistic Nutrition Services?

If you are currently on a large number of medications, or are undergoing specialized care or treatments, our services might not achieve their intended effect. In this case, it’s important to consult your doctor before seeking out services from Holistic Nutrition Center. Not sure if you’re a good candidate? Schedule a free call (949) 872-2550 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


Our Comprehensive & Holistic Approach

Our main objective is to identify organ dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies using Nutrition Response Testing, In-Depth Functional Labs and Whole Food Supplements. We apply two techniques:

Nutrition Response Testing

A system that evaluates the structural, chemical, and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing.

Nutrition Exam

A physical examination by which a practitioner feels for inflammation and pressure through palpation.