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"I have been seeing Kristi for nutrition help and some autoimmune problems such as Hashimoto's and psoriasis. She is an amazing healer, with such a big heart. She truly cares about each client and even texted me back on a Friday night when I was having an allergic skin rash. You don't often find that level of customer service these days, so it is much appreciated!" - Julie W. / Irvine, CA

"There are things we can improve on to live healthier lives and the investment is priceless. I feel so much better, everything is improving on a daily basis"
  • Seeing Kristi and following her directions with discipline and commitment will give you the best quality of life possible. I'm forever changed!
    Newport Beach, CA
  • Kristi has changed my life, my best friend's life and many of my clients. I recommend her to everyone and anyone!
    Emma O’s
    Newport Beach, CA
  • Can't say enough great things about Kristi and her staff. She will be your biggest cheerleader as you overcome the battle to get healthy!
    Annie C.
    Costa Mesa, CA
  • My body awareness is at such a heightened state, that in a matter of no time, I can tell exactly what does and does not agree with my system.  It's a little surreal but also pretty amazing.
    Elizabeth D.
    Lake Forest, CA

I feel fantastic, my Parkinson symptoms are less, I am happy and lost 4 pounds in 8 days!


"I have been seeing Kristi for the past year to help with my autoimmune and hormone issues. Her warm smile combined with her competency makes her a cut above the rest. She is always available to answer questions and has been my biggest cheerleader on my journey to better health. I came to her so tired of being sick and tired and can honestly say I no longer feel sick and tired! I recommend Kristi and HNC to anyone seeking natural and alternative approaches to healthcare." Jamie Cohen 

Kristi! I fell asleep at 10:30PM last night and slept for 10 hours!!! (After sleeping only 4-5 hours all last week and never being able to fall asleep before 4am.) Omgggg it was amazing! It may be the Ashwaganda! Just had to share!!!😃 I’M SO RESTED! 🙏🏼

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Sleep Challenges Solved

By far the best nutrtionist. I have had problems with my calf, anxiety, troubles with my heart and weight loss and she has completely helped with all of those. I highly recommend her if you are looking to make a change. Is there another star I can give? She deserves a 6 out if 5.

Staci M.
Mission Viejo, CA

This place is incredible and Kristi is an amazing practitioner. She is so kind, very attentive to detail and really understands what she is doing in her practice. I trust her with my body, and that trust has gotten me a very long way with my health. i feel fantastic.

Natalie L.
Costa Mesa, CA

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Life Changing Results!

Our client Lanaye has experienced transformative results with our nutrition program that was tailored to fit her body's needs! She has had horrible psoriasis, she followed all our recommendations and has achieved beautiful glowing skin in less than 6 months!

One of our clients is ecstatic over the progress she has made in healing her scar. The photo shown is just after 3 weeks of working with us to get it healed. She had her thyroid removed and was told by her surgeon that she wouldn't be able to feel anything in the area of her scar ever again. Not only has her scar been healing quickly, but she has feeling starting to come back in the scar area. This client of ours is a rockstar because she has terrific follow through on her program with us at HNC. People often overlook their scars as being a hurdle for their overall health and recovery, but it can be a crucial part to their healing. Scars can interfere with weight loss, skin conditions, sleep, allergies, digestive issues and many more health battles! Healing them is essential to getting your body to function at optimal level and we see how much scar healing has helped many of our clients!

May S.

Terry W.

Christina C.

Arek Y.

Lucas G.

Nora B.

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