Introducing BrainSpan™ Neuro Health Assessment

What percent of your health potential are you not tapping into? What would it mean to explore the limits of that for you?

Your brain is one of your key performance indicators of health. If your brain is at its best, then so too is the rest of your body. With BrainSpan™ testing, you can get a definitive answer as to whether you’re predisposed to any conditions or health maladies that could impact brain health and we are so excited to be able to offer the BrainSpan™ Assessment here at HNC Newport.

What Is BrainSpan™ Testing?

BrainSpan™ is a type of blood test combined with a cognitive test that reviews the state of a client’s cell health cognitive function. BrainSpan™ measures the functional performance of your brain cells and multiple dimensions of cellular health. Combining an understanding of both brain performance and cellular health allows our Holistic Nutritionists to help pinpoint issues and improve your overall health and wellness.

Why Have It Done?

Your brain is one of the most important organs in your entire body. If it fails or isn’t performing well, all other areas of your life are negatively impacted as well. Whether it’s lifestyle factors, metabolic factors, genetics, changes in health, or changes in diet, you need to monitor your brain health long-term. With BrainSpan™ testing, you can.

What Does It Measure?

Cell Health Biomarkers + Inflammatory Balance

✓ Omega-3 Index
✓ Omega-6/3 Ratio (AA/EPA)
✓ Palmitic Acid Index
✓ Trans fat

Functional BrainMeasurements

✓Rate of Focus
✓Rate of Attention
✓Memory Retention
✓Processing Speed

ComprehensiveFunction + Overall Health Score

Objective measurement of the health of your cells & nervous system with actionable results that empower improvement.

How Does it Empower Your Health?

Your results allows us to provide specific, personalized, and evidence-based recommendations to improve the health of your brain and your body. Your future risk analysis provides the information and motivation to make changes that will allow you to experience better health as you age. This empowers you to take control and really feel your best. Here are seven major health components that may be improved through BrainSpan testing.

Restore Energy, Joy, Satisfaction in your life by boosting your nutrition and reducing strain on your brain.

Measuring and tracking your fatty acid levels over time is one of the most important things you can do to renew your energy levels and optimize your health.

Higher serum levels of serum Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are associated with healthy aging in adults.

Researchers measured cumulative levels of plasma phospholipid n-3 PUFAs in 2600 older adults at three time points over a 13-year period and found that higher levels of long-chain n-3 PUFAs were associated with an 18% lower chance of unhealthy aging.

Provides information on your metabolism, mitochondrial function, and leptin signaling, allowing for metabolic optimization and healthy weight management.

The Analysis determines Omega 3/Omega 6 blood ratios which when out of balance impact athletic performance and weight loss correlated to inflammation levels.

Evaluates neural functioning and pinpoints nutrient or fatty acid deficiencies that may be affecting your brain.

The assesment targets four main areas: focused attention, memory storage, processing speed, and mental flexibility.

Quantifies the primary nutritional factors that affect inflammation within the body; improving these scores may substantially reduce your risk and/or improve early symptoms of high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke.

Identifies underlying hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies associated with gastrointestinal health.

Brainspan™ and Weight Management

BrainSpan™ identifies levels of mitochondrial function, leptin and palmitic acid, which is associated with alterations in the cell that can suppress the proper signaling of hormones and cause unwanted weight gain.

A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine concluded that 6 weeks of supplemental Omega-3 and DHA significantly increased lean mass, and significantly reduced fat mass in healthy adults. Additionally, a reduction in salivary cortisol following Omega-3 and DHA treatment was significantly correlated. Since higher salivary cortisol levels are associated with higher mortality rates, Omega-3 supplementation likely has positive implications beyond improved body composition.

The BrainSpan™ Analysis determines Omega 3/Omega 6 blood ratios which when out of balance impact athletic performance and weight loss correlated to inflammation levels. The analysis measures critical fatty acids that have shown to be critical to brain function and brain longevity.

Dietary, health, genetic, metabolic, and lifestyle factors influence the nutritional and functional health of your brain over time. The BrainSpan™ Assessment allows you to track the health of your brain, like you track the health of your heart. When your brain works right, your body works right.

What is the Process?

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