November 2018 Newsletter

November 4, 2018

November News & Events

Mommy Class a Success! Our “Surviving New Motherhood” seminar went great! Julie Miller delivered an outstanding personal and interactive class. Each participant got to ask her questions relating to their needs and she spent time with them giving them advice and tips on how to make it easier and better for them through this adjustment of having a baby.

We loved having her so much that we’re doing it again! If you missed it and want to come, join us November 29 at 6:30 pm to learn tips and tricks on how you can be successful with your baby or toddler!

Client of the Month

Celina has overcome her digestive challenges, naturally raised her energy, and lost a total of 22 pounds! Go Celina! We are so proud of you!

Nutritional Tip

Dry skin, hair, and eyes start on the inside. We recommend adding healthy fats to your diet such as avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, and grass-fed butter to nourish from the inside out. If you’re looking for more targeted support, we depend on our Standard Process Evening Primrose oil, LinumB6, or Cataplex F Perles.

Product of the Month

Golden seal maintains healthy mucous membranes, supports the breathing passages, stimulates and supports digestion as well as healthy liver function.Pick up a bottle today!

It Takes Two to Make Nutrition Go Right!
This November, we are offering a significant savings at $75 for an initial consultation when you bring your partner into HNC!  Your environment determines your success and we know that if your partner is on board, it will make your journey that much more enjoyable. Channel your inner-power-couple and tackle your health goals together!

A Great Holiday Gift!Now available at the HNC checkout desk! Simply Soap by Sonja makes all natural skincare items that take the guesswork out of choosing wisely for you and your family. Sonja’s products not only cleanse but revitalize, refresh and can actually heal your skin! She lists each ingredient used on all her handmade products, which by the way are vegan based oils, including hemp oil, with no additives or fillers, and certified organic essential oils for a wonderful aroma, with therapeutic benefits as well.

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