Is Agave Syrup Healthy?

December 15, 2020

Is agave syrup the healthiest sugar to use? The answer is no. Agave syrup is not a great healthy choice to use in cooking or as an ingredient in your food. It’s important to read your labels and make sure you read the ingredients in everything you buy. Do not think that just because you bought food at Mother’s, Sprouts, or Whole Foods that you do not have to read the labels of your food.

Consider this quote from Weston A. Price, “Agave: made the same way as high fructose corn syrup, this dangerous sweetener is sold in health food stores. It can contain up to 90 percent free manufactured fructose.”

This type of sweetener is being used in packaged foods especially desserts and baked goods. This sugar is processed just like high fructose corn syrup which means it will spike your insulin and cause your body to store the sugar as unhealthy fat. This can lead to inflammation, blood sugar dysregulation, weight control problems, and much more!

Here at HNC, part of our health coaching program teaches you how to read labels so you don’t get overwhelmed or confused by food label marketing. Labels today have so many marketing phrases on them just to get their product sold… this can create a feeling of overwhelm, dis-interest, and straight-up defeat which leads to poor health because we tend to give up when there is too much to read.

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We’re so proud of you, Kayla! Keep up the great work!

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