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The GI-MAP is the first FDA-approved DNA/PCR lab test for detecting GI pathogens, bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi & more, making it the golden standard of GI testing for those who prefer a naturally tailored approach to gut health.

This special PCR technology captures a lot more than conventional stool-culture based testing, which detects mostly aerobic bacteria (while missing 95% of anaerobes, pathogens, and virulent activity in the GI tract). This method of testing has superior detection, because it’s able to trace the DNA footprint of a majority of gut bugs, even if they’re not necessarily present in the sample.

Due to this advanced testing that we now provide, parasites do not have to be in high numbers in order to be detected by microscopy.

In addition to expert detection, the GI-MAP test panel also contains several additional markers for assessing gut immunity and inflammation, enzyme production and gluten sensitivity.

Feeling gutsy? Give us a call and ask about our Advanced GI testing to see if you’d be a good fit!

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